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My way or the highway. And I also agree with you: I am guy who plays girls in every monster hunter not for the perverted above reasons but because i like the "lighter" look of them i think thats the word i am looking for easier and faster to move around in because let's be honest no matter the armor your not gonna want to take a hit from these monsters.

From a lore perspective, it's almost like discrimination, forcing females to wear skimpy armor and show off their boobs and crotch and ass, while males get super huge bulky defensive armor that shows literally zero skin and actually protects them. Big tits busting out of shirt. Mayhaps I might do something similar to you. At least Kirin has parity while being revealing. Sexy hunter girl. I will say as a fellow lady 'round these parts the reason I love playing the female characters is because the armor is so much more interesting and, well, cute often times.

Post these to the weekly Merch, Milestone, and Showcase threads Respect your fellow hunters. It's just for fun, so I choose the characters that have the most fun armor sets.

Maxi is my nickname ign lol. Imo, most female armors looked better in terms of style and fine details, and compared to the male, they looked less bulky and clumsy, tbh that's my general opinion on male and female clothing. My photo of a screenshot rather then just the screenshot itself I got lazy I'm sorry.

If I'm going to stare at the character for a long time, it better be a pretty one. Amateur ebony milf. I'm the type to play my gender. The only ones I don't like for females are the ones with huge bulky skirts cause they look dumb. Knowing thay there's gonna be kirin, i'd say i am kinda not a fan of having sexy armor to my manly man so probably will incline to play as a babe. Since 4U and the ability to customize and name your palico I actually make my palico use my real nickname and so the cat becomes me in a sense.

Maybe 7 armors in MH seem a little extra or a lack thereof in that case but that's just Japan being Japan. No hate to sexy manly man armors but the kirin armor for female is kewl! The male Divinesight Mizutsune armor is my favorite in the entire series. Also my palico is always based off my cat. I'm more than happy that there's option to get drastically different armors based on the sex, which is another reason to roll multiple characters.

I know a few sets are fanservicey looking at you, Kirin, Barioth, Nargacuga And in MH females are not overly sexualised, wich is always cool. Well, what I show her, but she's very in demand. I dabbled in MH1 but never seriously got into it Female armor is usually too sexualized for my preference. Gonna try to make Geralt from witcher to the best of my abilities!

There are definitely skimpy armors in MH, but you could do a lot worse.

Sexy hunter girl

Male probably though I will roll both eventually. What is even worthy of downvoting in this? Male version of that armor is not always fishnets, in generations its proper armor. Kat graham nude pics. I pretty much see the "joke" armors as non-canon to the games themselves and are there for fun for those who want to mess with it, kinda like say, the Wild Wasteland events from Fallout New Vegas.

Self Promotion is accepted as long as you maintain the 1 - 5 ratio For every self-promotion post, you must have 5 other contributions to the community.

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Male, as I cannot stand the skimpy and cutsey armor females have, as it's just fanservice and hypersexualization for the male characters who play as girls. Naked black girls sex pics. Male probably though I will roll both eventually. Male who plays females, I like their armor sets better Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Sexy hunter girl. Because typically the armors and their designs make sense to me.

There may be or may not be more heavy armors on females and more light armors on males this time around, can't say based on those armors alone. If I'm going to stare at the character for a long time, it better be a pretty one.

Your question is likely answered! What is even worthy of downvoting in this? You know the one. I pretty much always play as a woman in games that give me the choice. I think having some cutesy and skimpy armor is fine, but when the majority of female armor has metal skirts, are skimpy, or have face windows male armors are an offender of this toothen that's too much. However, it is permitted to post altered quest files and other mods, as most of that is legal. Even after 14 years vanilla los is still one of their best armors, because it borrows elements for actual armors in history and looks practical, but still captures it's monsters visual theme in a subtle enough manner.

This is all fact. Big booty lesbian licking. And in MH females are not overly sexualised, wich is always cool. Could go without the dumb boob plate though. I want a mix of dressing like a slut or a tank and generally that's male in MH. Also, the difference in skimpiness between male and female Silverwind Narga armor is insane. The team tends to appeal to Japanese adolescents by having awkward and out of place thigh windows or cutesy exaggerated "feminine traits" like wedding dress rathian tassetbut female anjanath looks like they wanted to hit a skin quota and decided to arbitrarily pick anjanath.

Are you carrying them over from a previous title or going with a concept? I don't mind the skimpy shit, who cares really. I usually just do a look at I think is cool, but occasionally I try to cosplay something.

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Please refrain from inciting arguments, trolling, and discrimination of any kind. I'd prefer if both weren't very skimpy, and were more like the G-Rank male version, which is a fair bit more clothed than the female version. Nude photo kajal agarwal. Although the character customization has me very interested on making a male character eventually. I have not but a quick glance at the red and black armor from the rotten vale has me exited.

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