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He eventually told Ann about a former marriage in Kenya but said he was divorced, which she would discover years later was a lie.

Stanley punches his High School principal and becomes a drifter, hopping rail cars to Chicago, then California, then back again. They lust after "in-heat" Mandingos who will abandon that mulatto love child soon after he is born.

This picture is much clearer. Kristine sutherland naked. I know this tends to piss people off Didn't know you were of the non-white persuasion. Ann dunham nude. Response to sinkingfeeling Reply 4 Mon May 13, Buzz Clik 38, posts. When I see these meritless memes and rightwing emails and repub folklore on the internet, I destroy them. There has been some extensive digging done by some indy media, and there's at least enough evidence to question the validity of the lookalike theory. They look just like their prostitute grandmother.

Send a private message to Walford. Still a 17 year old college freshman, Ann becomes pregnant. You can see the genetics in Obama's stupid kids. Blonde mature milf anal. I find that effective with these low life dirtbags. The photo on the right is the high school yearbook photo of Stanley Ann Durham, Barack Obama's mother and according to Snopesboth the photo on the left and the photo in the center show the same woman: List of conspiracy theories.

Stanley spends time as a rail-hopping drifter. Just like we will never be able to verify whether George Bush's grandpappy was Aleister Crowley. We clearly see the narcissistic personality disorder manifested in the anti social behavior of Grandpa Dunham naming a daughter after himself, joining the Communist PartyStanley Ann Dunham posing for pornographic photos, having sex with older black men, dumping her childBarack Sr. They later divorced and she cared for her son while juggling a full college course load.

About Copyright Privacy Terms of service Contact. Grandpa introduces Barry to a Black Communist bi-sexual. He was eventually deployed to England but his role in the war never saw combat. What kind of a psycho names his daughter Stanley? She was 26 and suffered from depression because to strife and conflict in her marriage to Ralph Waldo Emerson Dunham, who the author called a womanizer. And this ridiculous lie is the best they can do to Obama? Site search Web search.

Gilbert claimed that he had "convincing evidence" that Dunham and Davis had a relationship, including "30 photos of her in various compromising states of nudity. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Thanked 19 Times in 7 Posts. Hairy sexy naked women. Gilbert's photo presentation needs more study and perhaps correction.

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Gato Moteado 8, posts. Super hot lesbian lap dance. This is a link to another photo of Ms. Different versions of this eRumor have been circulating the Internet, some of them in very poor taste with photos of a naked woman alleged to be the mother of President Barack Obama. Back to top Alert abuse. Ann dunham nude. Also very noteworthy is that the image on the right below, who is purported to be "Ann Dunham" - isn't actually in the magazinewhich you can find high res images for via the link above.

If it was a man such as Clinton we would all say oohh- aahh - he is sexy but when it is a woman, well we tend to condemn her by exploiting her in any way we possibly can.

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WorldNetDaily 's Jerome Corsi accepted the film's claims to purportedly have photographs of Obama's late mother, saying it was "compelling. Few men would marry an angry woman. Originally Posted by Walford. The mouth to nose-tip and mouth to chin-tip distances appear to be much more equal to one another on the cropped photo of the 'Seductively Clad' woman. The naked vegan. In Dreams From My Real Father, made by right-wing filmmaker Joel Gilbert that was funded privately, photos of a naked woman wearing leather gloves, boots and a corset in a suggestive pose are featured.

The distance between the mouth and chin-tip is quite large. The anonymous author of the Snopes post claims that the photos are genuine and not photoshops, but we aren't told why. Originally Posted by Mr turbo rotary. Send a private message to Chemdawg Friday, April 22, Naked Pictures of Snopes. Retrieved from " https: The Washington Examiner's Paul Bedard joined in with a piece that also dutifully repeated Gilbert's persecution narrative.

Another response was submited by Eric Lycan, whose record includes serving as counsel for Mitch McConnell's last re-election campaign and is current treasurer for a pro-Ted Cruz super PAC. Ann and Barack Jr. Tired of all the ridicule and endless explanations of being named after her father Stanley Ann Dunham began introducing herself as Ann by the time she was in her teens. Reviews of the film were generally negative, noting that Gilbert had not proved any of his allegations, and the film was described as a "pseudo-documentary" and in "bad taste".

Didn't know you were of the non-white persuasion. And it's clear Gilbert wants to keep that information a secret. Forced fuck xxx. Creatas via Getty Images. Ann has a baby girl, then dumps Barry on her parents in Hawaii. Log In Remember Me?

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Tired of all the ridicule and endless explanations of being named after her father Stanley Ann Dunham began introducing herself as Ann by the time she was in her teens. There has been some extensive digging done by some indy media, and there's at least enough evidence to question the validity of the lookalike theory.

Obama, apparently unbeknownst to Dunham at the time, has his own wife and children back in Kenya. White milf phat ass. As WND reported in Perhaps unsurprisingly, Gilbert has thus far refused to disclose the actual sources of the erotic photos he put in his videos.

Also, the last time we checked, falsehoods are not protected by the First Amendment, and those are found in abundance in "Dreams From My Real Father.

In the last few days there is a video called "Dreams from My Real Father". Retrieved from " https: Chad 5, 4 36 The "her" to which Jones refers is Obama's mother Ann Dunham, who Gilbert claims is the woman depicted in these photos. Presumably they are the professionals at tracking down the facts relevant to these claims, so why would they make such an obviously false claim?

Racy photos of Barack Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, have recently surfaced in vintage fetish and bondage magazines. Milf dating reviews WorldNetDaily's Jerome Corsi -- a longtime promoter of Gilbert who really should know better, given how he repeated a separate Gilbert claim about Obama's wedding ring that was so wrong even Corsi's fellow birthers felt obliged to debunk it -- was more than happy to oblige Gilbert's persecution complex, and he played it up accordingly:.

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